Who Needs Recreation?

– Randy Weddle

Please think about the following:


How highly do you value the properties listed above?  If you’re like most people, you would say that you do not place much value on such things.  I can say this with some confidence because I do not usually hear people report that they enjoy being on the receiving end of any of the previous items.  When was the last time you said, “He just lied to me”, with enthusiastic joy?  So, we can note that as human beings, we unanimously dislike the things listed above.  In fact, we could say that human beings universally believe that such things are wrong.

Furthermore, when any of these “wrongs” or “evils” are put upon us, we complain.  Again, I point out that no sane person wants to be murdered or deceived or disrespected.  If someone does these things to us, we cry out about how unjust or unfair such treatment is.  We want something to be done to correct the wrong.  We want justice!

Therefore, we can agree that the qualities listed above are wrong things to do and we also agree that we do not wish to be the recipient of such qualities.  I’m glad we can agree.

How many of the wrong qualities listed above are you guilty of doing?  Are you guilty of being a coward, or lying, or cruel?  If so, you are part of the problem.

“What problem”, you may ask.  The answer is the problem of introducing evil into our environment.  Evil is like a word misspoken. Once it escapes out into the world, it cannot be reclaimed.  Once you and I introduce a universal evil into our environment, the damage is irreversible.  It can only be dealt with accordingly.  The only way evil can be dealt with accordingly is for a recreation to occur. Who needs recreation?  Anyone who has infected the world with evil, even if it is just one, small act of evil, is part of the problems that plague our world.  By our own admission you and I are part of the guilty.

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My highest goal is to teach the Bible as clearly and as accurately as I can.

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