Do Not Give Up Your Freedom

Image by Public Co from Pixabay

There is an inseparable relationship between truth and freedom. It is necessary to determine “what is” before one can really be free. Truth can be likened to our five senses. It informs us of what is happening around us. Remove one of your senses and you become a slave to what might be rather than “what is”.

The strange thing about people is their tendency to live according to falsehood. We read about this very thing in the Bible (John 8:31-36). Speaking to some Jews, Jesus connects the things He says to truth and states that it is truth that brings freedom. But those listening to Jesus are completely living under a delusion. These Jews believe they are free because of their heritage, absolutely missing the fact that they were currently living under the dominion of the Roman Empire.

The Jews to whom Jesus is speaking missed a greater truth. Not only did they live under the rule of Rome, but they also lived as slaves to sin. These Jews lived in a delusion. Thinking they were free; they were slaves both nationally and spiritually.

People today are no different. They choose to exist in a delusion rather than truth. And strangely, people believe they achieve more freedom as they draw closer to the slavery of sin. I find that even many believers in Jesus Christ willingly relinquish their freedom from sin to embrace the delusion that sin equals freedom. Believers do this even though they have tasted the eternal freedom Christ gives. Christians cannot lose their freedom from sin, but they certainly can willingly give in to sin’s slavery.

Sin never brings freedom. It only can offer a mirage of freedom, an illusion at best. Sin offers a freedom without substance, a “might be” rather than a “what is”.

Jesus tells us that the only truth is found in His word. We still have His word today. His word is the Bible. Anyone willing to obey God’s word becomes eternally free. They become new.


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