How to Become a New Creation

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The gospel of Jesus Christ is simple.  It is the story of God’s love for people who have rejected Him and the lengths to which God goes to redeem sinners to Himself.  I challenge you to listen to this beautiful story.  The gospel just might stir you like no other story can.

The supreme God, the God above any other god, created people in His own image (Genesis 1:27).  This supreme God made people different than any other part of His creation.  Being made in God’s image, mankind bore a moral resemblance to the Creator.  Mankind had the ability to choose good over evil, right over wrong.

There came a day when the human creation of God chose evil rather than good.  This choice placed a wall of division between God and His created beings.  That divisive wall was God’s justice.  God’s justice was pure and as such, could not overlook man’s choice for evil.  The just sentence for evil was death.  So the supreme God, who is also a just God, pronounced death upon mankind.

The first rebellion against God infected mankind and all generations which followed.  Therefore, all humanity, from the moment of natural birth, lived under a pronouncement of death.  This continual judgment from God was just because all infected people choose wrong over right.  Therefore, all people have rebelled against God.

The Creator of all things is a just God.  He cannot ignore rebellion and remain just.  But God is also a loving God who does not want rebellious people to suffer the death sentence under which they live.  So God establishes a plan to redeem His rebellious creation and yet remain purely just.

The redemption plan must include a payment for mankind’s rebellion, a satisfactory sacrifice to pay the sentence of death.  The sacrifice must also be without any infection from the rebellion.  For an infected substitute cannot pay for the rebellion of another.  It can only pay its own rebellion.

The sacrifice not only had to be without rebellious infection, but it also had to be able to suffer death.  Furthermore, it had to die the death of a human being, for it was through mankind that the infection came.  God, Himself was the only one suitable to be the perfect sacrifice.  God was without rebellion and, being God, He could put on human flesh to suffer death.  So then the plan was put into
motion Genesis 3:15).

At the perfect time, God entered our world wearing human flesh (John 1:14).  The combining of divine nature and human nature resulted in a unique life.  God lived a life as a man but never chose evil.  He willingly suffered death as a man because He was fully human (John 19:30).  His death satisfied the death sentence placed upon all people.  Because He was the supreme God, who was without rebellion, death could not permanently hold Him.  So the supreme God, the maker of all things, the just and loving God, rose from the grave (Acts 2:32).  Just as sure as His death paid the penalty for rebellion, His resurrection from death opened eternal life to all people.

The sacrifice has a name, Jesus Christ.  Jesus offers the benefits of His sacrifice to all people regardless of how deep their rebellion.  The benefits He offers are forgiveness of rebellion (sin) and eternal life.  Jesus wants nothing from you.  He simply wants to give these benefits as a gift.

The way you receive the forgiveness and eternal life is to simply ask Jesus for them.  Asking is no simple thing.  By asking Jesus for these benefits, you are trusting in Him to remove your sentence of death.  The Bible calls this “asking”, this “trusting in”, believing in Jesus.

Anyone who asks Jesus for forgiveness of sin and eternal life is guaranteed by God to receive them.  At the time these benefits are given, the person to whom they are given becomes a new creation.  New creations are those beings no longer under a death sentence.  They become free from death and free to live without rebellion.

This is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The work to reconcile you to God is finished.  Forgiveness of sin and eternal life are yours for the asking.


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