You Cannot Lose What is Always There

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27  My sheep give ear to my voice, and I have knowledge of them, and they come after me: 
28  And I give them eternal life; they will never come to destruction, and no one will ever take them out of my hand.
John 10:27, 28

It is said that people have a great fear of loss.  I believe this is true.  For example, in the world of sales, a great motivator to buy is the fear of not having.  Are you guilty of purchasing a product with the premise that you may someday have a need for it?  If you stand guilty, you understand this fear.

Interestingly enough, there are some people who fear losing that which they can never lose – eternal life.  And because of their fear, they go about life with a cloud of dread hanging over them.  If you have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sin, I hope that after reading this little article, you will no longer allow that cloud of dread to remain with you.  Life is difficult enough without phantom fears tormenting you.

The loss of God’s gift of eternal life is a phantom fear, a specter of impossibility.  It cannot ever take place.  How can I say this with such confidence?  I stake my claim upon the solid foundation of God’s promise which is found in His word.

I included some Scripture from John’s gospel at the beginning of this article.  Did you read those two verses?  If so, you have read a great promise from the Master.  The promise was made for all believers for all time.  If you are a believer, it was meant for you too.

Jesus promises eternal life to His sheep; to those who are believers.  May I ask you when eternity ends?  If you answered that eternity does not end, you are catching something important about Gpd’s gift.  Jesus does not just give life to believers.  He gives life which is eternal.  The gift which the believer receives from God is perpetual.  Eternal life is never-ending.  Once you have eternal life, you cannot ever be without it. 

Gifted with perpetual life, the believer can never come to destruction.  The destruction of which the Lord speaks is that reserved for the unbelieving.  This destruction is the eternal death of being out of God’s presence.  It is a death whose destination is Hell.

As you look again at the Lord’s promise, when can a believer ever come to this state of destruction?  Jesus answers that a believer will never come into this state.  At this point, those who fear the loss of salvation may say, “But you do not know what I have done or how many times I have done it.”  My reply is that your objection is irrelevant.

I do not mean to imply that sin in the life of a believer is irrelevant.  God does not want His people to remain in that from which they have been freed.  My point is that salvation is not based upon the lack of or the degree of sin.  Salvation is based upon God’s gift of eternal life.  For those who accept this gift by faith possess eternal life.  Once a possessor of the eternal, always a possessor of the eternal.

As those who possess eternal life, believers sit firmly safe in the hands of the Lord.  From their safe seat, no one can remove them.  In this instance you are “no one” because not even you can remove yourself from the safe hands of the Lord.

If, after reading this, you still perceive that cloud of dread hanging over you, allow God’s promise to remove the cloud.  The cloud is a phantom, but God’s word is real.  Believe the Lord’s promise.


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